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"A Rising Tide Floats All Boats"
Folks in this part of the country are quite familiar with this expression.  The clip shown on the right explains how this concept applies to a free market.  Please be sure to forward this to your friends too!​
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Think the study of economics is difficult?
Think Again !
Here it is in less than 90 seconds!​​

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Congratulations to the newest officers of York County GOP. Holding the banner, House Candidate Roland Wyman and Bill Gombar. From left to right, State Committee Member Mike Coleman, State Party Vice Chair Beth O'Connor, State Committee Woman Karen Gerrish, State Committee member Rachel Gerlach, State Committee member Lindsey Carter, County Treasurer Connie Bemis, County Secretary Genie Jennings, Finance Chair Nancy Ford, County Chairman Burnell Bailey, and Bonnie Heptig.
01/21/2013, Alfred, ME
Elected May 20, York County GOP state delegates.
Bud Hurst - Demi Kouzounas
Our government is collecting everything on everyone?
Edward Snowden